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Greed shops mod.
This mod add greed shops in regular isaac mode.
Created 5 years ago

This mod add greed mode shops in regular isaac gameplay mode.

This mod make all shops bigger and give to all characters restock.

In all regular gameplay mode shops reroll machine.


x 21

- Bug fix

- Change shop itempool

- new shops.

- Bug fix.

Everytime I try to start a run the game just crashes. I have afterbirth. I extracted everything in the file into resources. Can someone help?
Ok I stopped it from crashing by putting the .stb file into resources instead of the whole folder, but now the mod just doesn't work. Help?
How did you make your character in the third picture look downleftwards towards the shop and happy?
Ахуенный мод))9
This is a very interesting mod! It is a little op, But it does give you more of a reason to go into the shops. Did you add the other stuff to the sides?
I change gold chest's itempools and i have change shop itempools!
Okay, Nice! But I was wondering if you add other stuff to the sides like Greed Mode.
Oh big shops!!!!
Now i can go on a shopping spree DD
Not all shops in Greed Mode had reroll machines, but there is reroll machines in all the greed mode shops in this mod...ok then
I make two shops without rellor machine!
cool, is there a way you could make it use both the greed shop on some floors and the normal shop on other floors?
Yeah, you could just have some normal and some Greed in the rooms, and adjust the weights of them as you please.
Cool mod, I really like it. But why the low quality "THANKS FOR DOWNLOADING" banner? I don't understand
Not as nessesary as in Greed Mode, but the idea is nice.
January 16, 2020 - 9 months ago

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