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Playable Meat Boy!
Bandage Girl does everything for him...
Created 8 years ago
This mod replaces Isaac with Meat Boy.

Complete Challenge #14 "It's in the Cards" and beat Mom at least once, or else this character will be unplayable!

Starting items: SMB Super Fan, 4 Balls of Bandages, How to Jump, Isaac's Fork.
Health: 0 (2, because of SMB Super Fan starting item)
Consumables: 50 bombs (Because sometimes you can get into rooms where you can't do anything)
Also you can't shoot tears, which means you have to make Bandage Girl kill everyone for you.
In my opinion, it is a pretty hard character to play as. Have fun!


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I think, it adds a character o replaces other
does this change any characters?
Really cool idea and really fun to play! I just love these fun little challenges that this cool community makes, its just so good.
That is adorable. Great idea!
Awesome idea! I hope to see you expand on this mod sometime to include more meatboy characters. Your implementation of meatboy was unique, i'm interested to see how you'd do some of the others.
interesting. I love characters who have to use methods other than tears to defeat the enemy
by poopboy you mean brownie the 3rd boss of super meat boy
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
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