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The Binding of Isaac: RainBirth
Give your menu screen some much needed color!
Created 5 years ago
Ahhh, Rebirth. The menu screen looks absolutely beautiful, right?


x 17
But I think it could be nice for others ;)
This is like CHUD but only for the menu cool
POWSchwifty I know where you got from............hutt's butt hutts
But don't we already have the cHUD Mod?
yes, but that one went for a more subtle use of color. If you compare the two, you'll find that they are drastically different.
Yes I can see that this ones color pops out
Home screen finally looks like something a kid would draw. Really brings out the inner child while I'm getting ready to kill monster versions of myself with my tears. Ahh, youth
Really cool looking thing. I r8 8/8.
I think this is the perfect thing to spice up the Isaac home screen
This site have so many cHUD mods, so boring, so unoriginal.
Your mod isn't bad, but unoriginal, this just my opinion!
One of my favourites! This is really my style
Wow this is really great!!!! Thanks for the coulor explosion
I'd go for a slightly more ingame coloration of the pennies on the main screen, they seem very... Yellow! But I like the mod in general. Thank you for your work on it!
Technically you could argue that since a young child drew those pictures, it wouldn't be unexpected of him to not be 100% accurate with the color.
Reminds me of cHUD but Isaac just went nuts
Woha, that's actually pretty cool. I always love good graphical edits. It's like CHUD mod multiplied by 3. Almost too many colors to handle..
It's funny because CHUD is where I got the inspiration.
I don't know, I think it's an error on the site's part.
April 5, 2021 - 6 days ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.