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Lil' Vis
Replaces Lil' Brimstone with a floating Vis
Created 8 years ago
Replaces the Lil' Brimstone familiar with a floating Vis. It also comes with a pedestal icon.


x 25

- Added an optional file that changes the name+description in the game.

that is nice, though lil' brimstone looks better
love these mods that make followers mini monsters
(my favorite being dinky duke)
How does it not work? Where are you installing it?
Can you make the demon baby and Imp please!
Small change but still pretty cool.
If you want to prevent possible conflicts with mods that edit items, just create a separate download link that also changes the name/desc.
Yeah, I'll probably just add an optional file or two to the download.
Awesome idea! Thank you for your work on the mod.
Just lol!
Thats so cute XDDD
you should make a mod where every monster is vis
i would download that immediately
cool mod. How you make a vis model and texture or you export his from game files ?
I just copy/pasted the Vis sprites over Lil Brim's sprite-sheet.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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