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Lil' Dagger
Lil' Chubby to Sacrificial Dagger
Created 5 years ago
Every wanted to throw Sacrificial Dagger? Well now you can.

This mod was featured in a video!


x 22

- Fixed errors in the sprites that made some edges look bad

- Fixed errors in the sprites that made some edges look bad

Wow! it's cool throw the dagger 9/10
Yeah, now I have Lil' Mom's Knife! Thank you.
and the sacrifcal dagger is the sacrifical chubby?
really cool, and you can even make a mistake, it's a mam`s knife xD
can you modify the strength of lil'chubby?
ok, but once it comes out, make sure you modify it's strength so it's damage is the same as sacrificial dagger ok? that way it'll make the mod feel more "realistic"
I love this, now I'll actually take Lil Chubby!!
What is the order for mod installing ?
Nice job!,i never liked the old flying maggot haha!
can I use this in my mod? I need it for one of the characters(Barrabus)
Well, now were going to need a Sacrificial Chubby as a counter balance!
January 16, 2020 - 1 month ago

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