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The Binding of Earthbound: Afterbirth
This mod stinks! (alpha version)
Created 5 years ago
This mod is an in-alpha graphical, character and musical overhaul making the game resemble Earthbound/EB Beginnings/Mother 3. It's in alpha, but we're planning to do it like Nuclear Throne where there's several updates and the community can help. Obviously it won't have as many updates as that game.

Features so far:
New Mega Satan! (other bosses are coming)
New enemies, by /u/pm2k!
Different characters! Guess what items they'll have! (sprites and item sprites wip, and Ana isn't really done)
All new music!
2 reskinned items! (more are coming!)
New menus!
Basement reskins and 2 of the cave areas reskinned! More are on the way!

/u/PM2K, for doing a lot of spritework
/U/Wofsauge, for the menus and a battery I haven't put in yet because I'm lazy
/u/Akoss, whose character menu we will use when it's done
/u/IsaacintheCathedral, for Ana
/u/EineKleineNachmusik, and /u/Apocalizz, for plenty of good ideas
/u/You, for playing the mod

By the way, there's also a subreddit for this mod!


x 141

- Very minor update - changed how mod is packaged.

- Twenty new items! (Yes, they're by /u/Wofsauge again)

- Fixed Claus and Lucas being swapped

- New boss!

- Basement rocks replacements, by /u/Wofsauge!

- Better menus! (Yet again by /u/Wofsauge!)

I think this look good for alpha
I can help with the mod...
As long as it isn't dead.
Is it?
I love it! can you make it that the characters have some features of ness like the hat or wigs
Hopefully just waiting for afterbirth +
soz for taking too long, life is a fucking bitch

I remember checking every day for an Earthound mod and BOOM. FINALLY SOMEONE HAS MADE MY DREAM COME TRUE. I LOVE YOU-
Need. I will pay you 50 Mr.Saturns to finish this by tomorrow.
You'll have to find out yourself
Hive Mind breaks the game, whenever hive mind flies attack anything the game crashes. rip mega satan run
We didn't change anything about hive mind though...
I don't know what to tell you, it has crashed each time.
Happens in our mod, with spider mod tough. I guess each mod has a "Break this" item because they feel like it
That's not possible til Afterbirth +, sorry.
April 5, 2021 - 1 month ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.