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Clear Item Descriptions (Update)
Please message me bluespikez if you want me to take this down
Created 7 years ago

Clear Item Descriptions Update

As you can tell, this is an update to bluespikez Clearer Item descriptions. I mostly fixed some spelling errors, added more details, and made some things shorter. Bluespikez, if you want me to take this down and/or give you the files, please message me on steam. My steam username is robochicken7.

Anyways, This is Afterbirth compatible (and to my knowledge, afterbirth ONLY)and makes the item descriptions in the game clearer. It makes life much easier if you're trying to remember what items do or if you're trying to learn the items.


To install, extract the files from the .zip to the resources file of Rebirth.


x 24

- Shortened more things, added more details!

- Fixed a mistake in the code. It should'nt crash the game anymore. Thanks for informing me, and remember to inform me of any other issues!

can you make a mirror download please
No, that can't happen. I cant do that because pirated copies of the game, yadda yadda yadda
Yes finally no more mistakes XDDDD
it crashes the game... the files look good so i think you made a small mistake in the code
Huh. I'll check it out, friend, Are you running afterbirth or vanilla? because i haven't tested on vanilla yet.
i'm running Afterbirth and i know how to install a mod (put the content (in this case: items and pocketitems) next to the packed folder)
Are you playing vanilla or afterbirth? just wanting to check before i scour the code.
April 10, 2022 - 8 months ago
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