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Nuclear Throne Music Replacement
KHUN FHE (Trashtalk for Change Sound)
Created 8 years ago
I absolutely love the Nuclear Throne soundtrack, so I decided to make a mod that replaces the in-game soundtrack and jingles with the soundtrack and jingles from Nuclear Throne.

Have fun and FLĂ„SHYN!

ALSO, if you think a track should be changed or fixed, please don't be afraid to say so in the comments!


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I know this may be a bit much but can you list what soundtracks go to what?
Is it just me or does the scarred womb theme cut out?
Actually, I LOVE IT.

Thanks dude
I never played Nuclear Throne, but I love this soundtrack. Unfortunately, you forgot to edit some files. The "title screen" also has an "title screen intro", so that means 13 seconds from TBOI:Afterbirth and then you get the modded one afterwards.

Hopefully you're gonna see this comment, to fix these issues.
It is actually very possible that we arranged the songs differently. Also, I didn't use any Gun Godz tracks.
Lavara stop. This isn't even that hostile.
Love Nuclear Throne so much. Good job, bruh.
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
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