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No more active items!
No more active items anywhere!
Created 7 years ago
No more active items!

Players now don't start with any active items and all active items have been removed from all itempools.

Just put both files into your Binding Of Isaac resource folder!

NOTE!: White/Black Pony are the only active items that you can get! There's no stopping it!


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im gonna like it. i dont give a shit you do you boo boo
Why would we leave behind all of our precious starting items? Especially Lilith!
I don't know, just something new.
this mod is misleading, you cannot prevent the appearance of The Pony or the White Pony
So I guess that means the NO! trinket will not affect those items?
...does this really just give everyone NO! and remove their active items? please tell me that's not everything you did, because the NO! trinket is unreliable as the pool empties
No no no... I edited the itempools and removed all the active items from them, then I removed all the active items from the players.
then what does NO! have to do with anything?
I was asking if the NO! trinket prevented the White/Black pony from spawning. But I know it would not.
I was asking if the NO! trinket prevented the White/Black pony from spawning. But I know it would not.
Ayyy, that's pretty good. I'm amazed that this mod has not been made yet, good job!

Although, I'm not sure what the hell the screenshot is..

A few questions:
Is it possible to reroll items into actives?
Does this make the NO! trinket ineffective?
Do the characters still start with active items?
If all passive items are exhausted, will players begin to run into active items, or breakfast?
If all active items are gone, is there any possibility of there being empty pedestals?
i can answer a few of these, assuming the mod doesn't just give everyone NO!
if the item isn't in any item pools, you can't reroll into it. this was seen in rebirth with Steven and everyone hated it
yes, it will make NO! worthless
don't know
breakfast. not in any item pools = will never show
no, pedestals won't be empty, they'll just be Breakfast sooner
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