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No More Walking Hosts!
A mod that forgets the existence of (normal) walking hosts.
Created 8 years ago
This is a simple room mod that forgets the existence of Walking Hosts, but only the normal ones, as they are more bullshitty.

It also tweaks that room everyone fears. You know that large room with 4 walking hosts and those shooting stone thingies? Yeah, it's tweaked, so thats a unintentional bonus.
Contents include:
A room pack, thats about it

Anyways, thank you for reading (or not) this and feel free to comment your criticism down below.


x 37

- Fixed rarity of changed rooms

- Removed testing room

- Added name to file

- Fixed all mistakes an idiot like me could make

the mod is useful for people who are having trouble dealing with them. but if you can deal with them. this isn't the mod for you.
thank you this is truly the greatest mod of all time
Some rooms with walking Hosts were terrible :d
Have You played in Antibirth? Flying Hosts are much worse than Walking :p
I'm glad someone did this. I knew I wasn't the only one who hates walking hosts.
Finally, finally! Somebody got made mod about this 4ssh0les
oh baby i see i've been mentioned by a famous isaac youtuber :>
The Expand Necks are No More!!!
That room is always such a pain!!!
Day 35:

At long last, 1 month of waiting, finally. We found it.
We thought at this point, it might as well not be real. Our greatest horrors found a way to break the rift between reality and dreams. But, now. Now I see that's all a facade, that has now been torn down.

Finally, the Walking Hosts, can be destroyed. For good.
Literally tiny walking Hitlers. Thank you so much.
These guys are just plain annoying, they take forever to pop up and fight, I'll be downloading this mod.
It's kinda hard to have screenshots of something that doesn't exist.
i tried to do something like dis but it didin't existed xD
Really, really Thank you about made this mod
yes down with the host dictators
Thank GOD you made this mod! I hate these guys! They always get me off guard!
It's a possibility, but what about forgetting the existence of Wizoobs (those ghosts)?
Red Ghosts killed my family, one by one. They are cancerous.
RED ghosts aren't THAT bad. If they shot a brimstone that wasn't limited by Diagonal and Horizontal only, THEN it would be bad.
the red ghosts that shoot out brimstones directly in front of them.
other than that, they work like normal ghosts that disappear and reappear and then just shoot a ton of tears at you
red ghosts are afterbirth only though
if it's only in afterbirth then people who don't like them just can disable afterbirth
Disabling afterbirth would take away a TON OF STUFF.
I don't think they're going to disable afterbirth just to get rid of one guy. A different solution would be required. :p
theres alot more stuff that people hate about after THE BROWNIE AND STAIN but some faggots i don't know are in it
typo i ment afterbirth not after
typo i ment afterbirth not after
there is a typo in the mod's short description. other than that, this looks pretty worthwhile. no download from me, but still.
Yeah, I suck at spelling, it's just me ;-;
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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