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Puella Magi Madoka Magica [Music Mod]
Change the heavy Isaac soundtrack into soft dokis
Created 8 years ago
[b][/b]This mod does one simple thing: it changes the original soundtrack to those from the Madoka Magica anime.
This should create a much more relaxed and almost dark souls-like experience by focusing less on the music and more on the gameplay.

If there happens to be any issues with music not playing properly or you have a suggestion to move any tracks around, please let me know and I will see if we can make that happen if we happen to agree with you.

My wife and I have plans to do some modding to make some Madoka characters and other special treats at a later date, stay tuned!!!!~

have fun!

p.s. you can add us on Steam to talk about the mod or just say hi and be cool and stuff;; - mine - Wife


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- Fixed the Scarred Womb song.

- Moved some songs around to be more fitting.

- Added several tracks and jingles from "Rebellion"

- Covered every music track and jingle to make this an overhaul

- Fixed a bunch of looping problems, killed dead space after song

- Fixed the Cathedral music

- Fixed the Isaac Fight music

- Fixed the Cathedral music

- Fixed the Isaac Fight music

- Fixed the Cathedral music

- Fixed the Isaac Fight music

Could you please make a full Madoka Magica character mod? I would love to be able to play as any of the main characters with their signature weapons.
Since there haven't been any updates in a long while, I was wondering if you have abandoned the mod? If so, I was wondering if I could have permission to update it for Afterbith + and upload it to steam workshop? I sent a friend request via steam if you want to talk.
I like Madoka magica, so i like this mod too. Sorry for that question, are you looking forward to afterbirth+?
Thanks! Im glad to see people still like it.
It gives the Binding of Isaac a way nicer, calmer feel! I can't be mad playing it with this music in the background, thanks for making it!
Best sound mod.

Suck it Cat Brimstone.
VS. Mega Satan must be interesting...
I found a bug. with the HFS3 JCFF seed when I reached the flooded Caves, whenever I entered a room that changed the music(Treasure room found jingle, shop,arcade, ect) when I return to the floor the normal Flooded caves theme plays for a few seconds before swapping to Puella in Somino
It worked fine for me. I had that issue earlier in development, had to use an updated music.xml file. Make sure you have the latest stuff and that they're both in there and let me know if the error still persists.
This is the best mod that is changing the soundtrack of the game. Thanks to you mate!
This made me choke up a bit. Thank you so much for the support. I am working hard on getting the songs to loop better, or at the very least have a much shorter dead space after the ending. This is my first attempt at modding a game that using looping tracks, so I apologize. I will make sure I cover all music in the game and make them as perfect as can be.
Alright! let me know when you've done it! i'll imediatly download it when you are done with it!
I've replaced all the music files and jingles. The only things that arent changed are the noises that play when the devil/angel doors appear, but they're technically sound effects anyway and i cant figure out how to change them anyway.
Whenever you post the next update, something I thought I should mention is the boss rush theme, Agmen clientum I think, has an uncomfortably long delay between each loop. Would it be possible to shorten it slightly?
Currently working on fixing the dead air after most/all of the tracks. Plus moving some around and whatnot. Should be a lot better once I'm finished.
I can't wait for when you completely replace all of the msuic with Madoka MAgica stuff!
Don't you worry, my friend. I'm definitely going to do a complete replacer for the music. Hang tight!
Thanks for the positive comments, really glad you liked it!
I have yet to try it, but I am already in love. Madoka's OST is amazing!
The music is really soothing! It would really help in gameplay!
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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