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The Binding of Isaac: Double Trouble
Double the Trouble!
Created 4 years ago

WARNING: This mod is in Beta and only works with Afterbirth.

The idea is from some guy called LeatherIceCream, who made a mod similar to this one, which is only compatible with Rebirth.

I present to you:

This mod will challenge you with

    - Doubled enemies
    - Doubled bosses

But also rewards you with

    - Doubled items
    - Doubled chests

[h2]This mod is only up to 72.7% finished. Expect the missing content.


x 252

- The cellar is now doubled!

- End results (poll): Keep the 20/20 as usual!

- Some minor changes in the "readme" file.

- Now 72.7% completed!

- Every character now holds Car Battery (doubled Activated Item usage)

- All enemies in the Basement are now doubled!

- Some minor title screen changes

- All enemies in Sheol and Cathedral are now doubled!

- Isaac, Magdalene, Cain, Judas, ???, Eve, Samson, Azazel, Lazarus, Eden, The Lost and Lilith now holds 20/20 (Doubled the Tears)

- The Keeper now holds The Inner Eye (Doubled the Tears)

- Isaac now starts with 2 Bombs

- Cain now starts with 2 Keys

- Judas now starts with 6 Coins

- The Lost now starts with 2 Coins

- The Keeper now starts with 2 Coins and 2 Bombs

- Lilith, The Lost and Keeper now hold Humbling Bundle

- Removed doubled Hush due to only fighting 2 ???'s (Blue Baby)

- Every character now holds Humbling Bundle

- Removed doubled Mega Satan due to being stuck after defeating him

the best mod wich i played ever
+200 hours thanks to this mod. A good way to try new combinations of items.
It's better mod than I thought when I first time clicked on the icon
And I love this idea Btw LeatherIceCream was in team that created Antibirth
Here I am once again.

Sorry, that the mod progress was on hold again, because I had a surgery and i'm finally back on my PC!

This is the last time, that I stopped working on Double Trouble.

Meanwhile, i'm trying to learn LUA, so I can start working on my new project, Double Trouble+!

But first, i'll be heading back to work and finish this mod, once and for all (for real this time).

Question: Would you guys prefer Double Trouble- (for Rebirth) or + (for Afterbirth+)?

Vote now on Strawpoll:
I'm not really sure about Afterbirth+ mods right now, but i'll make it compatible with the new DLC someday (when I finish this mod). Unfortunately, I won't be working on my mod for 1-2 weeks, because I had a surgery (again...) and now I can't walk or sit normally. I will buy the DLC right now and check it out later.
мод для собирания имбы
It's going to be fully playable, after I finish the mod. But I got really lazy recently. I'm currently continuing to finish this mod.
Ok,ty.It's very good mod,finish him!
у меня почему то не активируется((

so much sadness
and glory

i like this mod
Double it all but go no higher - Its lag simulator 2016 -Some friend of mine on the SF2 discussions
this is a good mod bro it makes the game harder thx for it
January 16, 2020 - 6 months ago

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