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The binding of Di caprio!
This mod add Dicaprio in the binding of isaac!
Created 5 years ago
Change textures, rooms, characters, and one ending!


x 6

- Change music in library.

- Add new special rooms.

- Change players.xml

- Change intro.

- New characters.

- New rooms.

- Add Scientology bible.

mine won't work. I extracted the rar file to the resources folder but nothing
that hush in the tightly packed room tho... that was caves 1
can you make the rebirth version for this mod ? plis

I like it but when I go to depths/dank depths/necropolis it crashes try to fix thanks
January 16, 2020 - 9 months ago

Maintenance complete! We have moved to a new web server! Speed and stability should be improved. If you notice any issues, please mention them in our Discord server.