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Familiars = Co-op Babies
All the familiars are now co-op babies. (warning: RESKIN)
Created 5 years ago
It's a re-skin that makes the familiars into co-op babies.
Key word: Re-skin

If you want to know what a "Re-skin" is, use the type filter in the mod search and filter it to "Graphics".
Things like graphical upgrades, custom skins, marked rock markers, and many more are all "Re-skins".
So there are these things called "texture packs" in a game called Minecraft, that just re-texture certain blocks.
"Re-skins" basically do the same thing.

If you have never played co-op in Binding of Isaac Rebirth, it basically starts when you press a button on your game-pad (console controller) while you are playing a run.
When you play co-op as the 2nd player you play as a co-op baby. Your icon (if you are logged in) is a co-op baby! If you want to see the extensive list of co-op babies, see this:

The reason why it is not in the gameplay section, is because it is just a re-skin.


that's about it.


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Pretty straight forward if you ask me. I don't understand what's so hard to understand. HOWEVER! Wonderful job. I love the co op babies. They so cute
holy shit this is really descriptive now

nice jab at dragonoid
so...when the player gets a they get that familiars power? EXPLAIN PLZ
What do you mean "THAT'S ABOUT IT."? The only description of this mod, is in the title, which gives no clues as to what this is. This is listed under "Graphics", so you cant say that you changed the functionality of anything.

Please explain and be descriptive in what the hell this mod is.
January 16, 2020 - 1 year ago

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