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Happy babies!
Give the familiars eyes!
Created 5 years ago

Do you use familiars?
Do you not enjoy how they have no eyes?
Do you not want punching bag to be frowning?

Well I made this mod that makes most familiars not reek of death!


x 7

- Dark bum works.

- If it doesn't, tell me.

- 1.0: Rotten Baby is done!

i....i think i like them without eyes
Great mod. Next, you should make a mod that adds upside-down babies, and other things.
Beautiful mod. Just beautiful.
Can you edit the Punching Bag's feet? I need it for my mod.
I have no Idea.
I only found his head in the followers file, but not his feet.
Good luck anyway!
Odd glitch?
So I was playing around,and walked into a item/treasure room,with dark bum in it.
Picked him up,and a red box appeared,with a very faint dark bum.
What the hell,man?
I have seen this bug before, and I know how to fix it.
I have now updated the mod.
Thank you for telling me this.
Wow the babt became more cute ^^
Zombie baby I think is in the costume folder
I have located it, thank you for your information.
January 16, 2020 - 1 year ago

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