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Dark Bum
Dark Bum is now more beautiful
Created 5 years ago
This stupid mod replaces the sprite for Dark Bum with a darkened Ultra Greed ass. It will eat red heart pickups and shit rewards for you. Please send help.

A special thanks to /u/RythTheYoshi for suggesting this, and /u/Disprozium for creating the original Dark Bum post (

I leave you with rare footage of an encounter with this living shitpost of a creature by Hutts:


x 79
Oh god... so beautifull. (Hutts Army)
How could you possibly think you have nothing to live for if you have the glorious ass in your possession?
P.S. I love this mod and Hutts brought me here
Someone else already did.
💖 OMG it is beautiful mod 💖
I'm here because of Hutts. Dark Bum Forever.
I just found out who Hutts is. And he has a review of my terrible work. Fantastic!
What a nice jiggly Bum ya got there!
It's bootyful. And rename Dark Bum as Dark Butt
Endorsed by Butts Gaming Channel
January 16, 2020 - 9 months ago

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