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Isaac`s awesome Face
isaacs face is now more detailed !
Created 7 years ago

This mod replaces isaacs texture with an concept art made by /u/mulberrific .

All credits go to him.

This mod only replaces isaacs face. it will not replace any item.
The described item effects are not included in this mod.


x 20
kinda scary, but still very creative.
Oh jesus. What a time to be alive.
It just looks like an adult's face plastered onto the body of a baby. Maybe because that's what it is.
Managed to fap to this mod; 10/10
There is no-one to blame but yourself.
wow issac is op now (and handsome)
ha his face is hilarious and those buffs are nice too
I would love if you got this to replace Infamy, that would be pretty sweet.
this is hot. can we have a version that just replaces isaac's face without items?
this mod only replaces isaacs face. it does not replace items.
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
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