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Compensate for your weaknesses
Created 5 years ago
This mod will add one to two items to each character to undo their main weakness.

*Isaac is the jack of all trades and master of none. He therefore does not have a weakness to compensate for.
*Magdalene is slow. Wooden Spoon fixes that.
*Cain can't shoot far. Mom has some fancy shoes for him to wear that fix that.
*Judas is fragile. A Snack will help with that.
*??? can't use red hearts. Oh, Dark Bum! Here, boy! Who's a good demon? You are, yes you are! (i am so sorry)
*Eve has low damage. Blood of the Martyr fixes that.
*Samson has slightly low Tears. he also benefits from taking damage. Milk! works for both of these attributes.
*Azazel has low range and can't fire diagonally. Surprisingly, MY REFLECTION is the cure here.
*Lazarus is terrible until he revives, and when he does he's really fragile. Suicide King to activate the good version immediately and Scapular to reduce the fragility on revival.
*Eden is an interesting case. He could possibly have any weakness due to his random nature. Solution? Capricorn and the Halo!
*The Lost's weakness is low health, but you can't fix that yet. Instead, he now has Credit Card to allow for Angel Rooms while not having to ditch those amazing Devil Room items you always fucking find as him I swear to god just let me go to Mega Satan in peace
* Lillith's weakness is having to fire behind her. However, we can't fix that without doubling her damage output, so instead I just threw Immaculate Conception on her like I always want to do.
*On the subject of Keeper, he has so many weaknesses it's easy to want to fix them all. However, as doing so would require more than two items, he only has his speed and fire rate fixed with The Belt and the thin Odd Mushroom.

This mod was made with the help (aka blatant stealing) of the Isaac Character Editor


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Great mod, I am going to assume it is made for those ho need help, as the game is designed properly to be a difficult task, yet the buffs are well thought and work well! Good work!
How do I know if this mod works? Can someone give me a seed with an imp in the devil room or something so I can test to see if it installed properly.
you can tell if you installed it properly by:
1. not playing as Isaac
2. activating the extra hud
alternative 2. pressing esc
for reference, the extra hud is the reason you can see the items on the right of my screenshots
Mate I think I commented on the wrong mod

Are you fucking kidding me?
"This mod will add one to two items to each character to undo their main weakness."
This is blatant proof that this is just another form of a "better start". You can't even back this shit up with "Bringing out the main qualities of the characters" because you are just giving the characters better fucking items. I also love, that you have to use a fucking character editor to change the items.

Stop with this bullshit, don't even try and argue this one.
yes, this is a mod that improves the starting items of a character. no, i'm not going to argue that it isn't. the only thing that i will argue is that it has a THEME, like all my other mods do. it doesn't bring out the strengths of a character, it removes the weaknesses. i am agreeing with you entirely because this time you are correct.
Nice idea! I'm surprised that no one hasn't done it before!
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