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Brimstone sound effect to Gaster Blaster
A small noise change.
Created 7 years ago
This changes the Brimstone sound effects, to the Gaster Blaster sound effect from Undertale.

It as well changes the sound for ShoopDaWoop and Azazel's Brimstone.


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don't even like undertale but this is a badass sound
I frikin hate undertale but damn this sound is cool!
omg thank you for this mod. i accidentally replaced the brimstone effect to a kitten meow (which I hated) so thank you for making a sound similar to the original
the sound needs to be a little bit louder but other than that its great, thank you i love it
Thank you so much for this. it sounds really high quality. i'd give a 7.999/10.
i use this with the brimstone to gasterblaster mod and I'd have to say that they're fitting together
This is THE best thing since the binding of isaac itself. 10.

out of 1.
Yeah, even if I wasn't really featured, it was still cool to see it in there!
Thanks a ton! The old sound really bugged me on how it wasnt Gaster and was Brimstone. LIFESAVER
How to give your enemies a bad time!
How does one download? Don't know where to put it.
Go into:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources
And paste the sfx file within the .zip there.
It is a nice mod. Finally someone made this!
Good job making this! (For those who have the Gaster Blaster is Shoop da Woop)
Good god, this already got a seal of approval?! Well done.
Yeah, I'm really surprised nobody did this before..
It was done but packaged into the Binding of Undertale mod a while back. No one did it as a standalone mod though
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