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The binding of The Cat
The Cat replaces Isaac!
Created 7 years ago
Hello! This mod replaces Isaac with The cat.

The cat now starts with all cat items except the Guppy Paw since The cat starts already with Guppy's Head.

-Guppy's Collar
-Guppy's Hairball
-Guppy's Tail
-Dead Cat
-Guppy's Head

Afterbirth Compatibility!

P.S: The Cat has the flight ability since he has 3 cat's items.
Thanks for reporting all glitches/bugs


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i hate when they say the cat and not "Guppy".
should be named guppy, not "the cat" FYI.
I like playing as guppy. Thankis for the cool mod
Nice idea for a mod. But... the 9 lives could be removed. I mean you are still guppy and you have the collar so... It´s not so op?
Fun, cool, and a little funny if you know how to make it look like a demon spawn. Just one thing- You should remodel the Isaac sprites from the between-floor and before boss cutscenes. It'd look official that way. Oh, and maybe changing some of the other characters into cat-like ones. You could give The Cat the paw instead, and make a Blue Baby version with Guppy's Head (because it's dead, so).
I could maybe do a v.2 of the mod for sure. I'll maybe do it someday but for now I'm kinda busy. Thanks for the idea though!
This isn't a big mod and it needs some modification but yea. ^^ Thank you!
Just a minor thing that I woud like to be fixed if possible is when you die instead of saying I leave all that I own to my cat guppy to say something like I leave all that I own to my human isaac if you can ofcourse and still a great mod
Of course! This is a great idea! I will work on it really soon!
I have not tested for non afterbirth. If you can test it for me I will be able to telkl everyone if this is compatible with rebirth only.
As it only modifies items, and it also only modifies items that were in Rebirth I don't think it should mess with anything
Amazing mod. I use isaac all the time now
Isaac is already pretty much the best character.
you play with the filter on, bleugh

seriously though, always go full guppy
Lol. I'm actually making a mod that changes all the characters into different cats.
yeah, if you make it an add on as opposed to replacing isaac i'd download for sure
I can't make an add ons since binding of isaac is restricted on moddings. I can only change a character. Thanks :P
You could replace Maggy, nobody likes her
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