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Further advances a character's designed strengths and weaknesses
Created 5 years ago
This mod will exaggerate the strengths and (if possible) weaknesses of a character, and often will make them stronger because of this.

The following is a list of exaggerations performed:

*Isaac - More re-rolls and more powerful re-rolls (D6? nah, D100)
*Maggy - Basically the Tank challenge but with even more HP and Taurus to lessen the pain during long battles. also doubles the strength of Yum Heart.
*Cain - Luck raised to two, more keys to start, slightly faster
*Judas - Even more fragile (only half a soul heart to start) but far more powerful to compensate and is far more likely to receive devil deals (dual Pentagrams, anyone?)
*??? - ???'s a challenge character based on a lack of red hearts, so you receive many ways to gain red hearts just to taunt you and also remove them from the item pool, but mostly to taunt you
*Eve - Has received a MAJOR buff for my personal experiences with her being terrible. Yes, this Eve would probably fit in one of those terrible OP Item mods... after she took damage. receives more low-red-heart bonus items as well as most on-damage and on-contact activation items... as well as Bob's Brain to activate them ;)
*Samson - More HP to use Bloody Lust and an item to activate it
*Azazel - Simply buffed towards his former glory, given full length Brimstone and Proptosis for continued encouragement of close range combat
*Lazarus - Yo dawg, i heard you liked dyin', so i let you die after dyin' so you can die while you're dead
also gives additional incentive to sacrifice yourself immediately for free loot
*Eden - Consistency is not in the vocabulary anymore, Eden is now unpredictability incarnate (although for the sake of sanity neither Missing No nor Chaos is applied)
*The Lost - How do you make the challenge character more challenging? why, by making him worse with Cursed Eye!
*Lillith - Even more followers! the new ones are the bad ones!
*Keeper - Piggy Bank to make him more bearable, multi-shot items to fire MORE BOOLET at a slower speed

This mod was made with the help (aka blatant stealing) of the Isaac Character Editor


x 25


- Keeper no longer fires diagonally (it reduced the BOOLET count anyway)

- Judas no longer has that stupid red heart that wouldn't go away

- Eve doesn't start as Beelzebub anymore

- Samson legit starts with IV Bag this time

- Judas game too stronk, replaced Sacred Heart with two Pentagrams

- Isaac no longer gets a free item (9-Volt) to use in D100 rolls

- Samson actually gets the item to trigger Bloody Lust

I rather like balanced characters that aren't too strong.
But Your mod can be pretty funny My little brother don't play really good so he likes mods that can help him to win.
characters disappear when transitioning to a new floor, picking up an item, and getting hit
that's your fault not mine, players.xml edits literally one thing: starting items.
Lol how is that my fault? you made the mod
and the mod is 100% guaranteed completely unable to do that. so yeah, it is your fault.
It's not. I deleted all other active mods, then played with this one, and I thought it was my game, so I deleted this mod, and it was fine. I'm just pointing out a bug
and i'm pointing out that this mod is literally incapable of causing that bug.
It's not totally incapable, if it was, why did it cause the error?
i really don't know, but it's not something the mod alone can do. try installing the mod after playing after uninstalling everything else, because this mod does literally one thing at the start of a run and nothing else.
eh, whatever, if you snap at someone who likes the mod and wants to point out a bug, be that way
well until someone else reports the same issue, it's on your end only.
that's not true, and I'm leaving this argument at that
can vouch, his problem shouldn't possibly exist
yeah, yeah, we get it, you hate me forever for something that wasn't my fault
I don't hate you:/ I literally just stated I liked the mod, and it's the mod's fault
I mean, this is a problem caused by the Isaac Character Editor, which this mod could've been done without. Not saying this mod is bad, but that his problem stems from the program you used. It happens to me too, but after deleting players.xml, it works fine.
I know this is a rather late comment, but the mod is on the front page of moddingofisaac.
welp i guess it might be a real thing. ah well, i'm not going to figure out actual coding to fix a rebalancing mod, though.
As a lover of Eve since I first laid eyes on her, I cannot bring myself to download this because of Bob's Brain. 'Tis a sin...
understandable. it was a deliberate nerf to balance out all the buffs, but understandable.
Looks awesome and fitting! But it's kinda op... But still cool!
i never say it's balanced, i really don't
wow 30 comments gone at once

guess that's what happens when flame war
Rebirth version will be provided in 2216 after i've run out of cool things to do with future cyborg immortality
This made me laugh so much you don't even understand
just doing my job, ma'am

unless you're a sir

i can't tell the difference anymore that part of me is robotic now
January 16, 2020 - 9 months ago

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