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Tech X - Oculus Rift DK2
"Oculus Rift" Retexture of "Tech-X"
Created 8 years ago
This mod changes the Texture of the Tech-X Item as Costume aswell as the Collectible Item Texture.

(see Screenshots)

The button in the corner blinks blue everytime you shoot! :P (on the back its the cable that changes color)


x 50
If only Oculus Rift worked like that in real life...
ooh, if only BOI had oculus rift support.
i have an awesome idea 4 this if you collect this you get instant retro vision cuz video game in video game this probs dosent make sence
Good job, will you consider making a Vive skin? I would 100% DL it !
Not planned yet but maybe in a few weeks or so
I am sure waiting for it! Thank you for considering it haha!
I'm done with the Vive Mod, I'll upload it as soon as I'm able to take screenshots (I'm not at Home until tomorrow) ;)
That was fast, thank you so much man!
Looks really nice! Awesome job sticking with the Isaac feel on the art.
It's so simple yet so beautiful.
Now somebody needs to make a mod where the inner eye is just a googly eye on Isaac's forehead.
Maybe brauchwirn3t should get on that since i think the concept is good
Brauchwirn3t when I downloaded this, I literally got tech X in the first treasure room
I restarted about 50 times to see my new texture after I made it -.-
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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