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Pac-man = Larry Jr
Well the title says what it is about
Created 5 years ago


Anyway, the title says it all, Larry Jr. is now Pac-man
So if you are wondering, it will work with mods (rebirth) but the name may not change, sorry, you can fix it though by going on paint(dot)net and putting in his name in the list of boss names. This mod is however compatible with Afterbirth and Rebirth. His tail is glitches because of reasons, #1, it looked cool, and #2 it was based off the glitches in one of the newer games of Pac-man, its on ITunes. For all who don't want it, I will make one with ghosts. BTW, just unzip then put the WHOLE folder in the packed folder, unzipped.

Problems? Please comment, and if you can post a link to an image.


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- Ghostly version now! Put the gfx from either one in the resource folder!

- Got rid of link

April 5, 2021 - 1 month ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.