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less Item charge
All active items need less charge
Created 7 years ago
The mod makes all active items need less recharge.

All items that needed 6 rooms to recharge (like the D6 and the Nail) now require 3 rooms

All items that needed 4 rooms to recharge (like the book of sin) now only need 2 rooms

All items that needed 3 rooms to recharge (like the book of belial) now need 2 rooms

All items that needed 2 rooms to recharge (like the box of spiders) now need 1 room

all items that only needed 1 room to recharge are left unchanged

(Mega blast now needs 6 rooms to charge)

(forget me now is still the same)

(the blue candle and the time recharged are still the same)


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thank you for the 3 chrage for D6
Another example: Blank card, jera, the chest
This mod makes the game a bit to easy though!
Already been done in one form or another:
i know my mod identical to the first three mods in concept, but just in a bigger scale since mine changes all the items and not just one.
the infinite charge mod was the main reason i made this because i felt it made the game too easy and i just wanted less charge instead of infinite.
anyways i guess i failed in the aspect of "unique and otherwise unfilled purpose" but if so many retextures mods get the seal of aproval i dont know why mine doesn´t ;(.
anyways thanks for pointing that out DragonoidSlayer cheers
Dang Dragonoid, are you an admin or something? Because I've seen you in EVERY comment section of a glitched/already done mod.
April 10, 2022 - 8 months ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!