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Infinite Chest
Created 5 years ago
Spawns an entrance to the beginning of the chest again after the ??? fight.

NOTE: This was actually really easy. For anyone looking to do something similar just use basement renovator.

SECOND NOTE: It is impossible to put a trapdoor after the lamb fight as it will magically transform into a cobweb and finishing the run will crash your game.


x 75

- Reverted back to version 1 due to hardcoding screwing with trapdoors in the dark room.

- Added trapdoor after the dark room as well.

I'm going to get it when I get to the chest
Thank jesus this exists! There should be a seperate verison for the mega satan fight that when you beat it, you have the chance of ending the run or going back to the basement to do it all over again, but with achievements disabled.
I don't think that's possible with the tools available, although that would be cool.
Damn shame. Well, maybe Edmund will see your mod and he'll implement it in Afterbirth †.

i like the idea of retry the chest again and again and again and at some point if you didn't find dad's key you can also fight mega satan, dear can you put somewhere on the chest and the dark room the 2 key pieces or the dads key?
how do you in install basement renovator, great mod btw
All you gotta do is run it if my memory serves correctly.
Just google tboi afterbirth basement renovator
I'm not sure what your problem is. Could you please give me some details?
I kill Blue Babe, no light appears at all. Not in the spawn room, no where.
I cant seem to replicate the problem, make sure that you took the rooms folder from within the downloadable zip and put it into the binding of Isaac rebirth resources folder.
It may be a cheap fix, but maybe have a constant Forget me Now spawn somewhere in the Dark room? Or a room filled with telepills so you can reach the IAMERROR room and reset it that way.
I think I'm gonna have a forget me now spawn in the lamb fight yeah.
But you would need to left behind your active items (D6, Book of Belial, Razor Blade, no ;-;)
If the darkroom doesn't work, then why not put the trapdoor somewhere in the spawn room?
Because then it would appear on every floor as their is no dark-room specific spawn room.
This mod has made my life
And second note though xD
Freaking cobwebs, always ruining my trapdoor placement.
Might i suggest making it so you can also repeat the dark room?
Sorry, it crashes your game if you try that.
Oh well. I never did the Dark Room anyway.
YES, thank you, OP runs will last forever!
Do I just put it in the resources file?
This is actually genius, how did no one do this sooner?
I honestly have no idea. I couldn't find one so I just made one myself.
Holy shit someone show this to TearofGrace
I tried putting a link in the comments section twice. Maybe he just didn't see it...?
Probably didn't see it. Youtube comments are often like white noise with the amount of subs he has. Also comments with links may automatically be shadow-hidden as spam.
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