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Red Baby (Character)
Replaces ??? for the Red Baby
Created 5 years ago
Not sure what i was going for here...


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blue baby? no, it's my new OC, Red Baby!
I know is bad and that it is completely useless but at least i could make something work......(i think).......and maybe next time i will do something that is more than just trash
It's not like a Bad Idea but.... ehh.... exactly it's useless
I think it was not that bad for a first mod but even then what you say is true. So i might update it later c: , any suggestions?
Maybe recolor the items and rename them into "Red Baby's ___"?
Can you be more specific on what starting items are changed? Regardless, pretty cool. I love the recoloring mods.
Thanks a lot! Although its nothing very important ^-^ but just so you know i changed The Poop to The Butter Bean (even tho both are useless :v) and you start with 3 coins, 2 bombs and 1 key and The Lovers card....wait......
April 5, 2021 - 1 month ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.