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Brand New Item Rooms
Totally original mod
Created 5 years ago
This mod makes changes to all the item rooms, to make them more interesting. I know in the comments you'll say this was an unoriginal mod, but it was the first time I've done something like this and I wanted to try something new.

One thing I've noticed is that some item rooms appear way more often than others. It's probably how the game works.

I hope you like it.

P.S: For some reason, this mod also makes a 'unique change' whenever Bloat appears... You'll have to play to see what it does.

P.P.S: This mod doesn't work with any other rooms mod, like Godmode or Better Greed Mode.

P.P.P.S: Sorry for the terrible quality thumbnail.


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April 5, 2021 - 1 month ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.