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Zelda 1 HP Hearts!
Remastered to be crisper!
Created 7 years ago

I'm honestly surprised there aren't any Zelda HP bars, so why don't I do some?

Starting with the classic NES Zelda 1 hearts, HD remastered to be crisp and not look too much like the undertale ones.

no bonus styles this time, sorry!


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Is there a way you could fix the hearts overlapping?
trust me, I wish I could. however due to the length of the hearts, there is no way to change it until afterbirth+, then maybe I will, and then because it would only be AB compatable, i'd add in the Keeper hearts too.
Maybe just sizing down the heart by one layer would help?
i don't play Zelda (World Explode :v )
Yea, these are the opposite of what you want. This isn't what "crisp" Means. They're very plain to be quite frank. And yes, they do look like undertale hearts. Only they are a little to square to be put in the same realm as the undertale art style. Sorry for the bad criticism but sometimes that's what you need.
You do realize that the original looks like this, Right?
and as much as I thank you for trying, I don't really see any info on how I could change these to make them better. I see the whole "crisp" point, but crisp means without unneeded or unnecessary detail, which these have. the only problem I personally see is the engine limitations where the hearts overlap slightly when there are two rows. I tried to fix it, but I could not.
They are very bland is my point.
That's how the Zelda I hearts were; take it or leave it.
I'm not going to take it lol. There are PLENTY other hearts in the zelda franchise. I bet you only chose this one because you were too lazy to pick anything else.
Actually yes and no. I want to do as many Zelda hearts as I can, starting from the earliest (Zelda 1), to maybe even the latest I can reasonably do (spirit tracks/ maybe ALBTW)
The other guy is still right. This doesnt fit Isaac. The artstyle is WAY different than the rest of the game so it just seems... wrong.
yeah... I ended up realizing that. I fixed it though, so that's a start.
Keep in Mind, that this is the very first Zelda Game; so you can't say that he wasn't faithful in that regard.
And I never said he wasn't. It just doesn't fit Isaac. That's all I'm saying.
If you don't like it, you could have just said that and it be the end of it. It technically is your opinion whether or not it fits. In the end-all, its just stereotypical "pixelated" heart sprites, in any of the games. Has nothing to do with laziness, he just started out with Zelda 1.

I think you are just being extremely picky at this point. Like what was said before, take it or leave it. In this case, you didn't like it, no one is forcing you to install this. So look elsewhere and maybe you can find a graphical change you /actually/ like

Don't really understand the problem people are having. If you are a fan of Zelda 1, you will like this.

Whether or not it fits is just an opinion.

I don't particularly want to use this mod, but i like it for what it is because this is Zelda 1 we're talking about and you made it work. So I say good job, and do more heart changes because I quite enjoy the Zelda franchise
"Remastered to "FIT" Isaac".

Remove this sentence and you're not lying anymore.

This doesn't fit Isaac and will probably never fit Isaac.
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
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