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Transform from the beginning!
Created 5 years ago
This mod modifies all characters and adds 3 items to allow them to begin with a transformation (except Eden because he's so random and Keeper because he's character 13 and there's only 11 transformations).

This is a list of the changes made:

    *Isaac = Yes Mother? (because it's Isaac's mother) = Mom's Lipstick, Mom's Underwear, Mom's Heels
    *Magdalene = Seraphim (because most Seraphim items give heart containers) = Rosary, The Halo, Guardian Angel
    *Cain = Spun (because... gamblers do drugs I guess? It's a dump transformation, ok?) = Growth Hormones, Synthoil, Roid Rage
    *Judas = Guppy (because Judas has 1 heart container and Dead Cat causes that anyway) = Dead Cat, Guppy's Collar, Guppy's Tail
    *??? = Bob (because they're both corpses) = Bob's Rotten Head, Bob's Curse, Ipecac
    *Eve = Conjoined (because Conjoined is hard to use and I really suck at playing Eve) = Rotten Baby, Mongo Baby, Little Steven
    *Samson = Fun Guy (because dump transformation) = Thin Odd Mushroom, Blue Cap, Magic Mushroom
    *Azazel = Leviathan (because demons) = Pentagram, The Mark, The Pact
    *Lazarus = Oh Crap (because he's shit) = Flush!, E. Coli (Lazarus cannot find The Poop during a run, but does not start with it)
    *Eden = no changes
    *The Lost = Beelzebub/Lord of the Flies (because it's a terrible, terrible flight pun) = Skatole, Mulligan, Hive Mind
    *Lilith = Super Bum (because he's a powerful follower) = Bum Friend, Dark Bum, Key Bum
    *Keeper = no changes

This mod was made using the help (aka blatant stealing) of the Isaac Character Editor
The numbers on the left side of the screenshots are from Missing Hud 2. It is not a mod on Modding of Isaac, but that's what Google is for.

Well if you want to be stupidly powerful or prefer my changes for whatever reason, this is the mod you'll want. Mine isn't designed to be balanced, it's designed to give you the transformations.


x 5

- Changes Lazarus' active item

- Makes Lazarus actually transform from the start

misirterE i may just get your mods
What's the name of the mod you're using that shows the specific stat numbers instead of tally marks?
I found out that it's called Missing HUD, but all the installation videos I've found are in foreign languages. Can you tell me how to install it?
that's the thing: you don't have to, it's like the Isaac Character Editor.
Yeah. I figured that out. Is it available for Mac?
i think maybe through that Wine thing but i'm not sure
I've tried to use Wine multiple times, but I can never get it to work. :/
well it's not a native Mac program so i'm afraid you're out of luck
wow this mod is more popular than my first one and this one isn't even confirmed

did Transforming of Isaac link to me or something
Are these not the same thing?
And if they aren't, why did you use the same mod icon?
they're not identical actually
you'll notice that the transformations are allocated differently
also they're less balanced, the mod is less professional, i only realised that mod existed after i finished this one and the icon is different because the characters are overlayed
No Rebirth support because there's only two Rebirth transformations
January 16, 2020 - 9 months ago

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