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Gaster Blaster
Changes Shoop Da Whoop! into the Gaster Blaster
Created 9 years ago
Just changes the textures, name and description for Shoop Da Whoop! to make it into the Gaster Blaster from Undertale.

Not entirely sure if this mod has already been made, but if so I guess this is just my own version of it!

P.S. I'm not too proud of the side aiming texture for it, if anyone else thinks it's not that great either I would like to hear some suggestions on how to make it better.


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I really love items related with Undertale
You could update this to Afterbirth Plus, it would be awesome
Would It be OK if I incorporated this into the Binding of Undertale: the Expansion?
I'd suggest maybe editing the Brimstone sound effect to be the Gaster Blaster sound effect.
I've tried already, but the timing is off. The brimstone sound goes off a soon as you shoot it, while the Gaster sound has a charge up before the shot in it.
Is it possible to make this a mod for Brimstone too? It would be freaking awesome!

nem tudom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess you can say that this mod will make you the gaster blaster master caster, and you might make a disaster!
Nice! gotta use it with Binding of Undertale!
I was thinking of making this, but couldn't get happy with how it looked, but it seems like you fixed that, good job!
Pretty nice. If only there was a damage up..
I originally wanted to make it a x8 damage up or decrease the charge time, but it would make it too unbalanced, then my OCD would kick in and I would go around balancing ALL the items, and then the game would be no fun because then there are no 'good' or 'bad' items.
Is there any way to give an item extra features? Such as slow or any good thing. Whoop is usually useless so i cant see the point of this mod.
Not entirely sure to be honest, I could try to change it, but I would have to make it an whole new mod since I want this mod to be a graphics only mod.
It will be based on your damage x2 in afterbirth plus
The only thing that could make this better, is if you added the sound, too! It's great though still!
I love shoop and the gaster blaster
Cant choose ;_;
There's a reskin of Lil' Brimstone that looks like a Blaster in the Undertale mod. Maybe you should send this to them?
Wish I knew how to get there attention for that, I feel like considering how big the mod is, I won't get much attention of all the other suggestions. It would be very cool though to see one of my mods on there. ^ w^
Try here: a lot of people is making suggestions and doing sprites there
there's also their tumblr blog:
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