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Playable Bosses
Play as all your favorites (and The Bloat)
Created 5 years ago
This mod is an overhaul of the characters, made to resemble certain bosses. If I somehow figure out how to change the character menu icons or get someone who can, expect an update.

List of Characters to Bosses

Isaac: Monstro (obviously)

Maggy: The Bloat (everyone hates both of them)

Cain: Daddy Longlegs

Judas: Dingle/Brownie (I like this one)

???: Hush (OP on purpose)

Eve: Mom

Lazarus: The horsemen

Samson: Krampus

Azazel: The Adversary (this one's rather basic though :c)

The Lost: Mask of Infamy (this is a hard one)

Lilith: The Haunt (If I could remove Incubus I would)

The Keeper: Duke of Flies

I hope you like it!

Credits: Isaac Char Editor, for making the mod possible, and you, for playing the mod.

Extra note: I hope the mod works. This is the first time I've made a real mod. If it doesn't work I will be sad.


x 69

- Hush now has a skin! Huge credit to TEM. Hopefully it works for you.

- ??? is now Hush (he has a sprite too but Continuum overrides it, you can see it a little when he holds an item)

- The Bloat now has 20/20 instead of Dunce Cap (thank you commenter)

- I'm looking for spriters to help out, because I can't do it myself. I tried using for Hush and I was terrible at it. Offer to help by PM'ing me on reddit:

- Made The Bloat slower

- Nerfed Mom (no more knife, yay!)

- Made a very minor change to Krampus (Stigmata instead of Martyr)

- Gave Dingle butt bombs

Bloat, this bastard, ughhhh :d But other bosses are ncie c:
I see that this mod was quite popular Are You gonna add this to Afterbirth plus?
Your idea was really cool and people can like this
May i give a recommendation that The Lost/Mask of Infamy should start with Isaac's heart and transendence and maybe a speed up item
it makes the game crash so I think it needs afterbirth
Is this for afterbirth or for rebirth?
Does this work for normal Rebirth or does it have to be Afterbirth?
this looks good but there's only three bosses or "boss like characters" are their more?
you should make lilith have quad shot

It is compatible with afterbirth...
why does it say this mod version is 1.999999?
I can help make the sprites look like bosses, remove Incubus, and re-Title things for you (Make the title screen say something else) if you want. I can send you the files through email.
I'm working on my own mod and have experience with re-spriting.
he cant really do that...already every character covered...unless he makes another folder as an "Alternate version" like how the binding of undertale did
hi first comment ever but I think that this looks good and that when I get afterbirth I will install
April 5, 2021 - 1 month ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.