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SkyMod: Afterbirth
Easier game, without a free win
Created 8 years ago
And it's finally here. Sorry everybody for the HUGE wait for this mod to be released, but finally I can say... Version 1.0 is out. If you don't know anything about SkyMod... Well...


Sometimes Isaac can be frustrating, yes. A few great mods give you the chance to make it easier by changing gameplay like:
-Adding crazy good items to Item Rooms
-Getting OP Items in every item pool
-Much less charge time for items/Infinite uses

And so on and so on... The point is, doesn't this feel like cheating? You are getting much more from the game without doing anything... How about a mod that makes having good runs much easier without making the game play by itself? Well, I won't say I managed this (because it's really hard to do), but with this mod I tried my best to make the game more fun to play.

Here's what the AFTERBIRTH version of the game will do:
-The Blue Womb now is WORTH DOING! This was something I really wanted to fix in SkyMod, I think it now makes sense to fight Hush.
-Devil Deals have a few more items in their pool, to make fun synergies more common
-Angel rooms are much stronger, ranging from one to three items (rare but possible)
-Characters who were bad now are much stronger (shouldn't be too OP compared to the REBIRTH version of the mod) to allow random streaks without bad characters
-Most spacebar items have been buffed, now many more will be useful (yes, I like using Dead Sea Scrolls now)
-Bigger item pools to have variety, but without loosing the balance I'm aiming for
-MUCH more variety in Item Rooms!
-More little tweaks to the overall experience

This Mod can work with others, just make sure you install THIS ONE last! I tried to keep the files I changed minimal.

This is version 1.2, and I still do plan to update the Mod with fixes in balance and even bigger changes. Leave a comment to leave suggestions!


Last thing: if you think "This mod is too easy!", just keep in mind that this IS supposed to be easier


x 558

- Added much more variety in Item Rooms! (doubled the amount of them)

- Fixed the Hush fight not working as intended (hopefully)

- Removed reroll machines from Angel Rooms, as they weren't working in the first place

please actually port this to + and repentance!!!
anyway to see a full list of changes?
I wish this was available for Afterbirth+, I really wanna try it out.
I installed this mod and put it into my Resource folder and it is not working, need help
I installed this and now Judas doesn't start with Book of Belial. What gives?
try adding the item ID 34 onto the items section of judas in the players.xml file
Is there any page detailing all the changes?
how do i tell if its downloaded or not, i see no difference
This mod is better than I thought few months ago ;)
Cause this is really good mod and You should add this to Afterbirth Plus
good mod, good work, but do you think it will AB+?
Will this mod ever get AB+ Support?
Your mod is nice but I prefer harder game ;)
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!