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The Bloating of Isaac
Makes your life awesomer!
Created 5 years ago
Hey, everyone! I heard you all LOVE The Bloat, so I decided to make everyone's life better by making a mod that adds 3 of him to every boss room that contains him. Basically, whenever you encounter The Bloat in-game, there will be 3 of him instead of one.
XOXO, SirOrangeNinja A.K.A. coolskeleton95


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I could give this the seal of approval if you actually use an in-game screenshot rather than the editor.
If the bloat didn't have the eyes he wouldn't be as annoying and this would be quite easy.
this mod has 6 downloads... awesome
who doesn't wants to die instantly?
you need to replace EVERY ROCK with bloat
didn't know satan had an account on this site
Add 3 Ragmans to every boss room
You mean Mega Satan? Oh, yeah. Here's my reddit account:
Look at it...
Your a mean one, Mr. Bloat.
You really are a twat.
I really actually do like this mod.
Since there's already a quintuple Ragman, how about a octuple Ragman?
Holy shit lol. I love it. Should do this for Rag man too.
April 5, 2021 - 1 month ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.