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Ultra Greed Beta
This is a recreation of ultra greed as he was in the development
Created 8 years ago
This is a recreation of Ultra Greed as he was before the afterbirth Dlc realese.
Inspiration of this dlc is an older tweet from tyrone: .
Any new ideas for this mod will appreciated.
The first version isn´t the final one, 2.0 will be the final most likely.

To do list:
-Make ultra greed more "massy"

-make greed gapers have mustaches/beards


x 8

- Added new screenshots

- Added spinning sprites

- Made some sprites less "edgy"

- added Boss ui

Ultra Greed with a beard.... Dare I say he kind of resembles Action Hank?
this mod, well its beatiful THE BEARD!
Jeez I didn't know that looked like that in beta.
So Beta Ultra Greed had one baby tooth and a huge manly beard? Lol ok
He was also a bit plump, unlike current Ultra Greed.
The thumbnail picture doesn't seem to be showing up. Is it the right file type and resolution?
Yeah im gonna look into that never noticed :p
So, old Ultra Greed resembles a developer ?
Cool idea.

I'm no pro sprite artist or anything like that and I don't know how you would make it better but the beard looks like it's made in paint.
Well I didn't want to say yours look shit compared to the original so I thought that would be a better way to phrase it.
Can't wait to fight DSP instead of Ultra Greed
You should really fix these screenshots.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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