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I already unlocked that item...
So now I'll start with what I've unlocked!
Created 7 years ago
This mod will give characters all the items they and they alone can unlock to start.

The following exceptions apply:
* If a character has conflicting activated items or trinkets, only the best one is used
* Eve's Sacrifical Dagger cannot be added through the method used, so she does not have it
* Azazel has Cambion Conception to represent Lillith

This mod was made using the help (aka blatant stealing) of the Isaac Character Editor


x 22

- Fixes bug that removed all custom activated items

- Fixes bug that removed some regular activated items

- Does not make Keeper not suck

This makes for some interesting runs.
Lost=Op, godhead, body, soul, mind, only downside is Isaacs heart
where the hell did i say this was balanced

besides, it kinda is balanced because you have to play without the bonus in order to get the bonus
I wasn't complaining about the mod, I was just pointing something out.
i think my tone of voice failed to be communicated in the text (for SOME reason), apologies
Well, body and soul does nothing to lost
Soul makes tears deflect away partially.
Go from regular Isaac to SUPER Isaac! Just what I needed. Thank you!
Oh, and I have a question.

Is Cain not supposed to have the D12 or is it an error on my part?
Have you beaten Hush as Cain?
fairly certain i did add the D12 to him
nvm, he doesn't have it on my end either
No rebirth support here
afterbirth only, fools
April 10, 2022 - 8 months ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!