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Zelda Potions for Pills! (Afterbirth)
I finally decided to make these afterbirth compatible!
Created 7 years ago
Zelda styled potions for pills!

I will make Rupees for coins once Afterbirth+ is released. I am currently unable to fit the Rupee sprites on the coin sprite sheet.


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Now I'm starting to thing things like pills are rad canisters from Nuclear Throne.
Also, cool mod, man!
Great mod, man! Make some more mods like this in the future, just minor, graphical updates and such. Maybe make the Tarot Cards pokemon cards, or something like that.
I'll be making many more mods like this when Afterbirth+ comes out
Love this mod. I had it for Rebirth before, can't wait for the rupees!
Tam...ta-ta-ta-tamm-ta-tamm...The Legend of Isaac:P
Now we just need someone to make the trinity shield the Hyrule sheild
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
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