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They all look like the grand Magic Mushroom
Created 5 years ago
# Mod Description #
This mod just applies graphical changes so that all mushrooms will look like Magic Mushroom.
I think they look much better when they are uniform so if you think the same, go ahead and download.

# Mod Author #
Lal Mirch,
a.k.a Vincent Hwang
a.k.a Magnificent Vincent
a.k.a Vincent Vector Vharsk

# Installing Insctructions #
> Locate your "Documents" folder.
> Go to "My Games", "Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods".
> Extract "Golden Poop" into that folder.
> Enable the mod from "Mods" menu in-game.

# Thanks #
Previous supporters from old versions.

# Don't forget to check my other AB+ mods! #


x 17

- Updated better usability for Afterbirth+!

Even too I like the original texture, this looks great
They're all based off of Super Mario mushrooms, and the Mini Mush shouldn't look like that. Although, the 1UP is fine.
Then don't download, lol. It's how I like them. I'm not saying they're "better" or anything.
Oh, this character on screenshots looks awesome ^^ Have You put him to your mod?
Hah, no. That's my old personal character "Magnificent Vincent". I worked hard on that one. However I lost it's files because of a hard drive failure. Maybe one day I will make him again.
It would be awesome, he looks really cool and pretty ^^
What mod is the character from in the screenshots?
I'm back from the dead, that character is my own character.
nice mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How about you stop making extremely similar spam comments on random mods.
Nice MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You do understand that I can revoke your ability to post comments, right? Do not test your limits, and don't spam similar comments for the soul purpose to get coins.
Will this mod keep me from getting achievements?
they all remember magic moosh T-T i need it in may life ~
Magic Mushroom is the god of mushrooms.
Because Magic Mushroom is the grand master god mushroom of all mushrooms so every single mushroom should look like it.
I feel like players will get these colors mixed up. Like these two:
And these two:
or even these three:

Now, I'm all about item reskins, but there is a reason why some of them have the extensions (THICK) and (THIN) in their name. You might want to add item descriptions to them.
Infact, I'll add some descriptions for you. Here is what they look like:
Here is the download to them:
Thin odd mushroom doesn't have light areas like the thick one does.

And I believe most players can spot the difference between green and blue.
I am almost 100% that some of these can be mixed up.
Well I'll leave that to feedback when this mod is sealed.

They were undistinguishable before but I fixed that and now I don't mix them up.
What do you mean they were indistinguishable before? What did you change to make them more classifiable?
So the thin odd mushroom had white areas like the thick one too. The only difference between them were their colors. So I decided to color the white areas brown in thin odd mushroom.
January 16, 2020 - 8 months ago

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