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Extremely overpowered start [Afterbirth]
for those who want completely pure mindless fun!
Created 5 years ago
The creator of the original mod (Disturbed) gave me permission to update his mod, i tried to keep the base formula as much as i could, while also adding small changes, so, about the mod:
This mod gives you all items considered powerful by players in the starting room (Meaning they will also appear once you go to another floor, until cathedral/sheol), grab any items you want, try any combinations you wish, the limit is your imagination! (And your computer, of course)
Last note: please, only use this mod if you have 1001%, or atleast Real Platinum God, dont cheat your way up, if you do, you're removing the fun from the game (Try just using another save)
Here's a link to the original Rebirth version:


x 1006

- Added Mac installation to the README.txt file

i can't get it to work on afterbirth plus
I have a recurring issue where any mods I install don't work. I'm using AB, not AB+, and when I put the files where they need to be, nothing happens. Steam community threads aren't helpful, neither is the "Help" button on this website. I'm searching everywhere for a solution, but I can't find one. Can someone help me?
i actually have the same problem
i think you just need to get ab+ people have said you cant mod the game without it
But it didn't work in greed mode

Great mod. Shame it doesnt work for AB+
wait so it dosent work for ab but also does not work ab+
because i have ab and it dosent work for me even tho i put it with the packed files were it belongs and it does not work for me
Ok I tried uninstall afterbirth + and it worked very well.
So it only work with aftebirth
link for rebirth version
does this mod work with AfterBirth+?
408222 maybe because this is the afterbirth version? the outdated link in the description works for rebirth
i never saw what the mod was...

why, because it kept on crashing, does anybody know how to fix this, if so please tell me, i will keep looking for updates, thank you.
January 16, 2020 - 11 months ago

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