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Better greed mode
Greed mode just got better!
Created 8 years ago
Have you ever thought of playing a greed mode run and said "Man, this gamemode is just way too predictable and boring"
Well, i got the answer, ladies and gentleman, i present you: A complete greed mode overhaul, which includes:
-Completely new waves (Most of them harder!)
-New treasure room layouts (Some of them are simple but funny puzzles)
-New shop layouts
-New boss waves
-Better devil deals (A lot better)
-Improved curse rooms (Like, a lot)
-New "exit" rooms
-Changed Ultra greed's chapter
-2 Items in the first floor to get a headstart (You'll need it)
-New floor layouts
-Completely new and super secret secret rooms
------------------Still not convinced of downloading? have some videos!-----------------


x 260

- Completely removed Mom's layout before Ultra greed, as it was way too glitchy and blocked people oftenly.

- Fixed 2 Nightmare waves that were glitchy, thanks to theloserlad for reporting them

- Fixed a small glitch that made an extra round glitchy

- Fixed a camping area in Ultra greed fight

- Added a README file with instructions in how to install

- Fixed most of Ultra greed chapter layouts not showing up because the chapter apparently doesnt accepts room that arent 1x1 in the room before greed (It doesnt even allows me to add more rooms without having the file to delete itself)

100844 I did everything it said to install the mod.
My game loads and theres nothing there. please help me
"its a trap!"
hey, player, if you think this can make greed run easy... no, it cant.
"-Completely new waves (Most of them harder!)"
best re-roll in my opinion bobs brain to holy mantle
wooden nickel to monstros lung
then crickets body + spectral tears + instant shoot
I've had a lot of trouble with this mod. Whenever I have multiple mods installed, this mod seems to crash the game. The mod also makes it impossible for me to play regular mode. Please help I have afterbirth installed.
cHud, Polling of Isaac, Better Special Rooms, Rainbow Lasers (forgot mod name)
Try removing Better Special Rooms or Polling of Isaac and reinstalling this mod, one of those two might be interfering.
It worked! Thanks a lot this is a great mod
Your mod is a lot of fun. That was the most intense and satisfying Greed run I've ever had, and constantly discovering new surprises was awesome.

...Up until the end. While the new Ultra Greed room layout is fantastic, and I'm sure makes for a brutal fight in most cases... any form of flight completely trivializes the fight; 90% of what Ultra Greed throws at you can't reach you, and if you are lucky and he uses the key coins, he'll freeze in place waiting for his minions to kill you, and since they are melee only you can just scratch him to death.

Anyway, despite that, this mod is amazing.
Yeah, sadly I couldn't find any way to make the fight more "interesting", maybe when AB+ rolls out I'll make a more intense fight.
Thanks for the feedback!
most likely to agree with me, but wydług ME This mod should be Best Mods
The best mods are chosen by an algorithm that takes into account both likes and downloads. You, or the mods, can't just decide what goes on the best mods category.
Hey could you help me please? The mod isn't working, I download and extract the files but only get the readme and a folder called Rooms. I change its name to rooms2 so I can install it and it doesnt do anything. D:
You need to leave the folder named "rooms", renaming it to "rooms2" made the game ignore the folder

Do you want to play multiple mods at the same time?
Then put the contents of the rooms of this mod with the ones that are already inside the other one
NOTE: You can't play 2 mods that modify the same floor files
Maybe it's not working because my friemd shares it with me?
Could you be more specific? did you have afterbirth installed? did you make sure you installed the mod correctly?
I'm right there with you. I have Afterbirth. Installed the mod properly (aka extracted it to resources). Booted up my's just a ded mod. Like nothing happened...AT ALL. LOL
I just downloaded the latest version, removed everything in my resources folder, dropped the rooms file with the .stb(s) there and the mod ran perfectly fine, are you COMPLETELY sure you did everything?
*installs mod*
*opens isaac to see if it works and doesnt break/overrides any other mod*
*instantly see blank card and the wafer, and new item room*
oh yes
lucky start you want be so lucky every time
I played this for the first time as Lilith and actually had quite a bit of fun. The new room layouts were pretty cool and the new waves added some challenge. I made it all the way to Sheol on my first try, then walked into the silver item room and was greeted by a devious trap involving buttons, a gravity well, red poop, and a laser turret. I was already not particularly high on health, and thus, this ended my run. Still had fun up until that point, though.

11/10, Would die trying to leave the item room again.
Wow, I actually had fun in Greed Mode for once.
Made an Video with the Mod installed.
Nice! while not commentated, still makes me feel excited that people are recording stuff i've made!
Didnt comment, because i'm German und nobody would understand what i say.
Love this mod, but waaaaay too easy to get Guppy :/
Sorry I can't make a proper bug report as I fucked up and lost the screenshot of the seed. When I got into the fight before the Greed fight after I killed the boss no doors spawned. I had to learn how to use cheat engine and spawn myself an emperor card to get into the boss fight. I'll be playing more with this mod now that I know how to fix it so if it happens again I'll make sure to post the seed. Here's a screenshot of after I beat the boss. Other than that I think it's a good mod. I don't agree with all of the waves as some cause unavoidable damage which can be a pain in the ass when you're playing as the lost and have already lost your shield but that's just a minor gripe.
Wait, you killed mom and she didnt spawned anything?
You didnt left?
Oh crap.
This is serious talk.
Im removing her right now
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