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No more special items (Afterbirth)
Special items are no longer special.
Created 6 years ago
Inspired by Gr33d's 'No more special items' for Rebirth.

Gr33d's Rebirth version:


x 15

- Changed the archive extension from ".rar" to more common ".zip".

Well, you could use Winrar, but I will reupload it in zip archive. Sorry for caused troubles.
Great one more Simple Mod to the Pile of Nothing
What exactly does 'Special items are no longer special' do? Make them spawn more frequently?
If you see a special item, you have a lesser chance of seeing another one during the same run (it has a chance to get re-rolled). The wiki has this useful table (columns are numbers of special items seen ; chance of re-roll):
0 0%
1 50%
2 90%
3 98%
4 99%
>=5 99%
It makes special items spawn at the same condition that spawn normal ones. So the probability of getting a special item is equal to rhe probability of getting normal one.

P.S: Sorry for my broken english.
Your english is pretty good, no worries
April 5, 2021 - 6 months ago

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