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Indie Game Music for Re/Afterbirth
Includes music from Undertale, Castle Crashers, VVVVVV, and more
Created 5 years ago
~ #3 most downloaded audio mod ~
Thanks, friends!

Afterbirth+ update coming soon? :o


Hello there, friends! This is my second major music mod - it overhauls almost every track in the game (with the exception of some quick room discovery sounds, such as finding a Devil/Angel room). The complete list of music used is listed below, by the games they are from.

NOTE: IF YOU WISH TO PLAY THIS AND DO NOT HAVE AFTERBIRTH, remove the afterbirth folder from inside the music folder. Then, install as normal.

To install, simply copy the music folder into your resources folder. If you use a mod loader, just put it in your loading location (most likely a mods folder).

/ Undertale /:
CORE - Dank Depths
Megalovania - Boss Rush
Here We Are - Scarred Womb
Asgore - ???/Hush Stage 1
Death by Glamour - Ultra Greed
Home (Music Box) - Angel Room
Tem Shop - Shop (credit to Trihunter for idea)

/ Castle Crashers /:
Barbarian Boss - Standard Boss
Winter Bliss - Cathedral
Child of the Corn - Standard Boss Alt
Rage of the Champions - Necropolis
Dark Skies - Blue Womb
Simple Sight - Hush Stage 2
Creepy Frog - Devil Room
Revenge of the Cyclops - Lamb
Spanish Waltz - Library

/ Battleblock Theater /:
Wicked Mummy (Catani Remix) - Catacombs
Finale - Dark Room
Buckle Your Pants - Credits
Secret Area - Secret Room

/ Plants vs. Zombies /:
Zen Garden - Post Boss Fight
Braniac Maniac - Isaac

/ Guacamelee /:
Temple of Rain - Burning Basement
Boss Theme - Mom
Sierra Morena (Dead World) - Sheol
Bad Ending - Death

Pushing Onwards - Basement
Positive Force (Pulsen Edit) - Chest

/ Original Binding of Isaac /:
Main Menu - Main Menu
Repentant - Caves

/ Alien Hominid /:
PDA Theme - Arcade

/ Super Meat Boy /:
Forest Funk - Cellar
Lil' Slugger - Satan/Mega Satan (credit to zlan404 for the idea)

/ Risk of Rain /:
Coalescence - Flooded Caves (credit to PhantomGaming for the idea)

/ Cave Story /:
Eyes of Flame - Depths (credit to pm2k for idea)

/ Crypt of the Necrodancer /:
Styx and Stones - Mom's Heart/It Lives

Other music mods: - Halo/Destiny Music


x 272

- Fixed Death music (now plays the intended death music, instead of a weird one second loop).

- New standard boss music - Barbarian Boss from Castle Crashers (replaces Metal Crusher from Undertale).

- New Mom's Heart music - Styx and Stones from Crypt of the Necrodancer (replaces Spider Dance from Undertale).

- New Satan music - Lil' Slugger from Super Meat Boy (replaces Asgore from Undertale).

- Replaced ???'s theme (Battle Against a True Hero) with Asgore.

- Fixed a transition issue in the Cathedral theme (Rage of the Champions).

- Shop music should now work.

- Community Update #1! Due to popular demand, the Depths theme is now "Eyes of Flame" from Cave Story and the Shop theme is now "Tem Shop" from Undertale!

- Made the Satan/Mega Satan theme more intense (increased volume/music starts out stronger).

- Flipped Cathedral/Necropolis themes (credit to Thejermanyalt for the idea).

- Fixed some weird looping errors with Cathedral and Ultra Greed.

This mod is really nice and fills the feel of listening to your favorite songs. Keep up the good work
Hey, I got a suggestion... Maybe the Void/Delirium's theme could be (Super Meat Boy Hot Damned)
6/12 Games here I like

Enough for me to download
The second I saw this had VVVVVV music I had to download it
you should have used Last Battle from Cave Story for Mega Satan, but that's just my idea
i'm having trouble getting it to work, does anyone have any suggestions on what i should do?
You included PvZ, Battleblock Theater AND Undertale?! HOLY SHIET, I can relate to this so hard imma just download this.
Thanks, but you're the best person! ;)
Typo there It's "coalescence"
/ Risk of Rain /:
Coalesence - Flooded Caves (credit to PhantomGaming for the idea)
i need to worship whoever chose the music for the chest.
Umm, sorry if this is obvious but, what music play in the Dark Room?
It's all up there. Finale from Battleblock Theater.
StoreLoopIntro.ogg is a little cut up at the end, kinda f*cks the theme up and makes it really annoying
I'm sorry to hear that. Make sure you installed it correctly.
April 5, 2021 - 6 days ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.