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Eden Hair Colors
Changes Eden's Hair Color
Created 7 years ago
Yes I am aware that there is only one hair style, I did this cause this is my favorite hair style and this is a personal mod I put it up so that other people can see it. If you like it please give me a heart and download it :>

This mod makes it so Eden's Hair Color Varies:
-Dark Blue
-Light Blue
-Hot Pink


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That's an interesting idea. By editing the characters.xml, you can add more hairs to Eden (didn't tested it, but it should work). Mind if I make a version with several colors for all hair styles?

I'll credit you for the original idea. Can't tell when it will be done, and if it's going to work (I need to test the .xml thing).
Actually, I just saw there are already a mod that does the same principle, including hats. Still...
feel free to do the same thing as long as you credit me :>
April 10, 2022 - 10 months ago
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