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Better Hearts!
Nice orange soul hearts and no black outlines!
Created 6 years ago

  • Removes ugly black outlines from all hearts on floor and in HUD

  • Soul hearts are orange

  • Red hearts in HUD are the same pink as the pickup

  • Black hearts are a lighter shade

  • Eternal hearts are bluer

  • The Keeper's hearts look like actual coins

  • I still need to edit the heart icons on the map!

    This is a really small mod, but I hope you think it's worth a download!


    x 39

    - Keeper's hearts now look like actual coins

    - I couldn't do this without making them overlap, but it looks fine.

    - Added golden heart

    - Added the Keeper's hearts

    Since you mentioned the Keeper's hearts in the Update, how about adding a picture of them?
    Awesome job, the keeper had very strange health icons.
    I would wager it's to fit in with red hearts and golden hearts(Warm colors).
    Just a guess, but it looks like the colors chosen are for improved colorblind visibility.
    I can't see myself getting used to the colors very easily. Good idea, but not such a great actuation of it. Try making the colors look more like the originals.
    The point is that it's not the original colors though. Would you rather it be the original colors with no ugly outlines?
    Yeah. It could be awesome if you do a mod that just completely removes the outline without changing the color of the hearts.
    Maybe I'll make an alternate version with the default colors.
    I was asking for a color that either IS the original or is close to the original so that it doesn't confuse everybody when they use it. Soul hearts being a slightly darker blue or something like that would make more sense.
    Personally they look better with outlines.
    I like it, but i might turn soul hearts back blue for personal preference. What about making soul hearts a deep blue, and the cash hearts orange?
    Cash hearts? I don't know what you mean.
    Oh, I see. Well, feel free to edit it and make the colors you want
    You seem to have forgotten the golden hearts.
    How did I miss that? I'll get right on it.
    Oh, I really like this. Simple, but nice looking!
    April 5, 2021 - 3 months ago

    Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.