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The Binding of Donald Trump
Rebirth only, but trumps afterbirth mods
Created 5 years ago
Ever looked at Isaac and just thought he wasn't... racist enough. Well this new mod adds all the Donald Trump you'll ever need.

+This mod replaces Lazarus with Trump.
-now starts with 3 coins
-has 2 hearts
-he has bag of pennies
-he has store credit (if unlocked)
+Anemic is now OBAMA'S BIRTH VIDEO
+Dry baby is now Donald Trump skinned



x 35
should have started with zero hearts, 0/10, immersion broken
You should also make the other presidential candidates characters as well!
Shadilay to you, brother in arms.
is evrything i never but i did wunted
Maybe I would enjoy this more if I got a small loan of a million coins.
you should add that he has unlimeted coins xD
"+Anemic is now OBAMA'S BIRTH VIDEO "

The hell
A small loan of a million dollars
I support Donald Trump and I approve this mod.
Finally Dingus Tramp gets his own mod!
Hey nice art! i may have been making a trump mod too. can i use your sprites for trump?
On second thoughts there yours as long as you put a link to this mod.
If i finish it and post it on modding of isaac i will just tell people to download this for char spirtes
Erm, my mac is having trouble expanding the zip. keeps expanding it as a different file -.-
You should give him 99 cents " Life hasnt been easy, my father gave me a small loan of 99 cents" And make all enemies Hispanic
He should replace the Keeper, dude. He has a heart of gold. Solid gold, and that's it.
can he start out with a small loan of 99 coins?
January 16, 2020 - 1 year ago

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