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Undertale Health Bars!
Or SOUL HP hearts, if you prefer.
Created 7 years ago
as the name suggests, this mod replaces the normal TBOI HP, with the HP bars from undertale! you can also switch to the SOULS used in game as Heart containers!

Install by putting the gfx folder in the resources folder of Isaac.
To install the Heart version, rename ui_hearts_alt to ui_hearts and replace the one in the gfx folder


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You could make more Undertale themed mods
I like this mod, it's a nice touch
I think I like the hearts better, but great mod!
is this mod compatible with the undertale mod made by Walter?
I have a suggestion, you should add a version for boss HP, I know you couldn't do the numbers, but a simple yellow bar would fit well with the Binding of Undertale mod if there was to be boss version.
I may make a separate mod in the future for two types of boss bars (affecting spidermod too maybe?), one for the player health style, and one for the green-red health style of the enemy HP.
That'd be unique, I don't know any mods that affect spider mod beyond changing just the sprite.
is this mod useable with the binding of undertale mod?
It's not MADE for it, however it should work. you will replace the curse of the unknown dog though.
Eternal hearts should be working. Keeper is not enabled to prevent crashes with Rebirth. Sorry for any inconvienience
but, yes, it looks precicely like it does in the screenshots.
It's the only way I could make it compatible with both rebirth and afterbirth, sorry.
Will you make a separate version WITH the keepers health?
This mod fill you with determination :p
I love how every mod that has "Undertale" in it gets a million downloads, regardless of how good it is. This is a good mod though. Great job.
Thanks! not super proud of this one BTW, have a second bar mod similar to this one in the works for a recent free steam game, Princess Remedy.
Does this conflict with the binding of Undertale mod?
Sort of. While Binding of undertale has the dog unknown icon, this one will replace that.
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
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