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Unused tiles are now used as tinted rocks!
Created 8 years ago
Alternative Tinted Rocks by magnificentvincent (aka Leg-Locked Heave-Ho)


In the game files there are different tiles unused in the game.
So I decided to put them in the game replacing tinted rocks.
Some of them did not have alternative tiles , so I just made skulls matching the theme of that floor.


1 - Locate your steam folder. If you installed normally , It should be in Program Files by default.
Program Files (x86) for 64bit windows users.

2 - Go to Steampps > common

3 - Take the folder "resources" from the .rar file you installed and drag it inside "The Binding of Isaac Rebirth".

Done ! Launch the game.

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So... Afterbirth plus have new tools for moders c: Are You gonna use them and add this to AB+?
Yeah I will do that one day but don't know which day, I'm lazy.
Thanks for replying , I'm definitely getting this.
Much like all mods, there's shroom for improvement.
I need a better explanation of this, are the modified mushrooms & skulls the ones that give you items and cards!?
You need a better explanation of "tinted rocks"

Which is indeed the ones that give you items and soul hearts.
Such an awesome mod! Thank you so much!
Hello, do you think it's possible to have the same mod but for entrance of secret rooms ? :-)
You can edit them if that's what you're asking but they don't have any alternatives
Sealing it now, must've missed this one
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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