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Megaman-Style Health bars!
Blue Bomber's HP instead of hearts!
Created 7 years ago
This is a fun mod I made that replaces the generic hearts with the Life/Energy bars from the Megaman franchise! However, this mod does have a downside at the moment, and that is that the keeper's HP is invisible, Along with gold HP. this, in turn, means it is compatible with both rebirth and AB. If you people REALLY want a Keeper HP Bar, Let me know and I will make an AB only version.

3 HP= 1 half heart.

Install by putting the gfx folder in the resources folder of Isaac.
To install the more faithful "alt version" rename ui_hearts_alt to ui_hearts and replace the one in the gfx folder


x 30


- Added faithful version as alt

How about a version of this for Boss HP Bar?
Now we need Megaman and all the other guys as playable characters. ;)
something I've wanted to do for a while, but I have no 16 bit art skills.
something I've wanted to do for a while, but I have no 16 bit art skills.
I made a Rebirth compatible version, if you're interested, reply to this comment. This is to the mod creator, by the way. Your yellow bar makes a great replacement for the Keeper's health coins. ....Although you'll have to replace the Annoying Dog from the Undertale mod, I've been merging a bunch of mods into my game. Shouldn't be too hard to put the normal ? back though.
1. You put this on my megaman health bars, instead of the undertale ones.
2. This is already rebirth compatable. The keeper isn't that big of a deal and most can deal with it. if you mean an Afterbirth compatible version, it's compatable with both, with the exception of the Keeper.
Derp. A: Meant Afterbirth. B: It was about the Mega Man bars. C: You seem to be forgetting the Golden Heart in your assumption there, as it also doesn't have an equivalent in your files. I meant the "Curse of the Unknown" annoying dog, btw.
Oh, and D: The Binding of Undertale mod is what I was referring to, not your health bars mod. That mod still kept the original health bars mostly intact.
That's why I added the tip at the top
Half a heart is 3 HP noodles/Bars/whatever
i fucking love megaman thank you so much for this mod!
I really enjoyed using this mod in my general runs, fun little addition that I thought was worth it. Keep up the great work!
You should replace hearts with different colored Megaman energy pickups. Half hearts would be small ones and full hearts would be the big ones,
Funny thing, I tried that, but they ended up looking incredibly ugly. I don't even have the files anymore. the small ones looked OK, it was the large ones that were super awful. I COULD just add in the regular ones as normal heart pickups, and that's it (making a double large, too, of course.), and it would be ok, but not now, and not soon.
Red Hearth Bars (or Red Bars) should be Yellow right?
Yeah, but the yellow looked a bit awkward, so I scrapped it for red to make it fit with the heart scheme. I later got it to work with the Undertale Bars (done but needs uploading BTW), without being too awkward, but I've grown attached to the red.
Can i see how Awkward it gets in a screenshot or something like that?

Had to re-make it for the screen, so i'm including it as an extra.
Thanks! I love how it just took off after being approved so late. So thank you to all of my fans!
so 1 heart = how many health noodles?
Whoops! forgot to add that, it is 6 per heart, 3 per 1/2 heart.
Also, I added a Judas screen and a screen with all hearts at once on AZAZ
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
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