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Minor Character Tweaks
A mod that adds items to characters to make them more fun
Created 9 years ago
This is a mod I made that adds some items to characters to make them feel more fun

The changes are as follows:

Trinket: NO!
Space-bar Item: D6
Q Item: Dice Shard
Notes: 3 Hearts, 1 Bomb
Trinket: Maggy's Faith
Space-bar Item: Yum Heart
Passive Items: Roid Rage, Maggy's Bow
Notes: 3 Hearts
Trinket: Paper Clip
Passive Items: Lucky Foot, PHD, Abel, Cain's Other Eye
Notes: 2 Hearts, 1 Key
Trinket: Judas' Tongue
Q Item: XV - The Devil
Passive Items: Judas' Shadow
Space-bar Item: The Book of Belial
Notes: 1 Heart, 3 Coins
Trinket: Broken Ankh
Q Item: ? Card
Space-bar Item: The Poop
Passive Items: Fate
Notes: 5 Soul Hearts
Trinket: Eve's Bird Foot
Space-bar Item: Razor Blade
Passive Items: Dead Bird, Whore of Babylon, Squeezy
Notes: 2 Hearts
Trinket: Samson's Lock
Passive Items: Bloody Lust, Meat!
Notes: 3 Hearts
Trinket: Daemon's Tail
Q Item: O - The Fool
Notes: 1/2 Black Heart
Trinket: Monkey's Paw
Q Item: Suicide King
Passive Items: Lazarus' Rags
Notes: 3 Hearts
Passive Items: Chaos
Notes: Completely random stats and items
The Lost:
Trinket: Missing Poster
Space-bar Item: D4
Passive Items: Jesus Juice, Holy Mantle
Notes: 1 Coin, 0 Hearts
Trinket: NO! or Child Leash
Space-bar Item: Box of Friends
Passive Items: Rainbow Baby, BFFS!, Cambion Conception
Notes: 1 Heart, 2 Black Hearts
Version 1.1_a: NO! Trinket
Version 1.1_b: Child Leash Trinket
The Keeper:
Trinket: Story Key
Q Item: 2 of Diamonds
Space-bar Item: Wooden Nickel
Passive Items: Steam Sale, Money = Power, Deep Pockets, Head of the Keeper
Notes: 2 Coin Hearts, 1 Coin, 1 Bomb


x 44

- Inside the zip file, there are 2 zip files. Version 1.1_a gives Lilith the "NO!" trinket, Version 1.1_b gives Lilith the "Child Leash" trinket

the keeper always needed the keepers head
So, Isaacs D6 is useless unless you drop/change the trinket?!?!
No, the trinket prevents other spacebar items from showing up, because the D6 is arguably the best spacebar item for Isaac
Great more Mods that take the games challange
I would like to thank everybody who downloaded this mod, I never thought a small mod like this would have over 200 people who downloaded it
Pretty good ideas on what the characters get
Oh, this is nice o: It's not too op for the people who are inherently bad at the game (like me...), and I love how the space bar dependent characters start with "NO!".
RKO outa nowhere
How about everyone start with Ipecac and Chaos?....Pleeeease!
I can make a separate mod for that if you want
Just those 2 items? Nothing else? Pyromaniac, or do you also want the items from this mod?
I'll reply with the mod link once i'm done. All characters with Ipecac, Chaos, and number one Have fun!
Thank you very much!,i wish i could give you a kiss for that! (no homo)
Maybe add escape the jail card for the lost ^.^
Anyways.. Pretty good mod!
Maybe Blue Baby could start with Petrified Poop?
I played around with the idea, and even tried it but I always ended up with large amounts of money from the poop, it seemed a bit unfair. So I decided to give him the broken Ankh so it may save your run early on, when you're still weak
What about the trinket that gives a blue fly from poop?
Again, I played with the idea, and it seemed underpowered. Just think about it, 1 fly, every room, most rooms contain >1 enemy.... even if the room is filled with poo, it isn't much to help you
Some ideas are good, some are very OP which would ruin the whole fun...
If you want smaller changes, I recommend this mod:
But iunno, everybody can use the character editor to balance/change them!
Great job, however, I think Lilith should have child leash, instead of "No!", in order to make it more unique compared to Isaac, even though I understand you gave it to her because, as Isaac, her active item is very important, one may consider it her main advantage.
I may make a separate version with Lilith having the Child Leash instead, because some people may like having no other space-bar items show up while others just want more accuracy with their shots
i have just one question. how is the mod called showing you the items on the right side?
It's not a mod. Just activate "Extra HUD" (I believe) in the options.
WOW! This is absolutely amazing, haven't played too much but its just so much fun! Great work
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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