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The Nintendo of Isaac
A mod that changes pedstal items into Nintendo themed ones!
Created 4 years ago
A mod that changes pedstal items, costumes, enemies, bosses and familiars to iconic Nintendo created items.
Take the "gfx" folder and "items" file into

program files (x86) -> Steam -> SteamApps -> Common -> The Binding of isaac Rebirth -> resource

place them neatly inside the resource folder and watch the magic happen starting your game up

This is Afterbirth compatible, you may need the DLC in order to use this Mod.

FOLLOW for updates on the Mod!


x 106

- Something Special happened to Daddy Long legs!

- Something special happened to Angel Baby!

- Something special happened to polyphemus!

- Something special happened to One tooth!

- Something special happened to Bony head!

- Fixed a glitch with the R.O.Bs left eye costume

- *This is the last update until Afterbirth+ comes out, thank you for playing the beta :) **

- Something Special happened to Monstro!

- Something Special happened to Gish!

- Something special happened to Little Horn!

- Something special happened to Fatty!

- Something Special happened to Trite!

- Something Special happened to Wizzob!

- Something Special happened to Wall Creep!

- Something Special happened to Rage Creep!

- Fixed a sprite error with The Host/Octotrock enemy

- Added 1 new reskin

- Something special happened to Roundy!

- Something special happened to host!

- Something special happened to tumor!

- Something special happened to callmillorjr

- Something special happened to full fly!

- Something spcial happened to Round worm

- Something special happened to the cage!

- Something special happened to the mask of infamy!

- Something special happened to Mega Lust!

- Something special happened to trianchnid!

- Something special happened to Brownie!

- Something special happened to the cage!

- Something special happened to the mask of infamy!

- Something special happened to Mega Lust!

- Something special happened to trianchnid!

- Several brand new costumes!

- something special has happened to the fatty boss

- 7 new re-skin items

- added some more special things to the shop

- fixed a graphic bug with the bumpty item

- added one new familiar

- added someone special to the womb

- updates may be a little sparse due to work related things

- Added 6 new re-skins

- Added 2 new familiar re-skins

- Updated the ? Block, POW Block, Light block, Dice Block and Charge shot graphics.

- added 5 new re-skins

- fixed a typo with the K.K Slider Head

- fixed a missing graphic for Captain Falcon's helmet

- 21 new re-skin items!

- 1 new costume (R.O.Bs left eye)

- fixed a typo regarding the 'Power plus badge'

- Added 4 new re-skins

- updated the Fruit basket graphic

- fixed a typo regarding the power up badge

- added a list of what items are changed to Nintendo themed ones.

- Every familiar with a re-skin pedestal item has a re-skinned familiar sprite with the exception of one

- The 'Manhole' sprite replaced with the 'Wii fit Balance board'

- something special added to the shop keepers

- 7 new item re-skins

- some new familiar re-skins

- 'Banzai Bill' sprite changed to 'Sturm' sprite

ima big fan of nintendo, and i love this mod i cant wait for its full version and i really wanna see wut pin will turn into
great. even with pokemon picross
So neat. So many items and they all are cleverly placed.
Does is just change what the item's look like???
right now the basic plan is to just change what the item, familiars and costumes look like, there might be a few other small things too but that's the main plan
"This is Afterbirth compatible"

Oh yes.
Hehe, I know I'm probably gonna get hate for this, but the only thing that I understood in the screenshots was the Chain Chomp (and I think I see the Duck Hunt bird?). I'm a PlayStation player, sorry.
Like the game didn't have enough easter egg items in it already.

Nice work!
Cute! It'll definitely help my horrible memory when it comes to items, too :p
you know they have a mod that displays what items do next to them
really fun mod for a big fan of nintendo like i am
January 16, 2020 - 1 month ago

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