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Cursed eye and soy milk-new desc.!!!
I made the descriptions for soy milk and cursed eye better :D
Created 6 years ago
Short description says it all.

To install just drop the items.xml file into the resources folder.


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Cursed eye is the worst, best description
Fuck Cursed Eye, seriously. Appropriate description, 10/10
Cursed eye is actually pretty good with the lost actually. because he doesn't get teleported if he gets hit.. cause he dies in one hit anyways. but on any other character it sucks.
Not if you have holy mantle (One of his starting items)
Your title says better descriptions for Libra and Soy Milk but it's actually Cursed Eye and Soy Milk
OH SH*T! ty for telling me
How did that get passed me and the seal of approval guys? XD
Well the black candle, which is found in the shop i belive, negates the cursed eye effect ;D
really??? wow you learn something new everyday
kinda sucks for the people who love cursed eye and soy milk. BUT NEVER TOGETHER......
I dont know how to put multiple screenshots, so i used ms paint to make them one.
April 5, 2021 - 2 months ago

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